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Default Re: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme is on its way!

Originally Posted by Madpistol
Well, here's the kicker...

With all the case fans set to lowest setting, and the Northbridge fan set to 40%, this computer is nearly dead silent. That's @ 3.2Ghz and 40C idle. I've already tested the computer in gaming, and the computer is rock solid stable. I'm amazed. Our air conditioner outside my room can be heard over the computer . The Hard drive clicking seems loud compared to the rest of my system. Even though the idle is higher than the Monsoon II, the peak temperatures are lower, which means this cooler is functioning properly... and the Monsoon was really loud.

I'll try reseating the Ultra 120 Extreme tomorrow and see if that makes much of a difference. My apartment is usually much much much cooler than my room at this house. We'll see how that goes.
The Antec's are pretty quiet on low, but I recently replaced mine with the Cooler Master double pack 12000rpm 19db led fans available at Compusa. After trolling the web a bit, these look a LOT like Yate Loons based on the LED leads and fan shape. Anyway, they are quieter than the tri-cools and seem to move more air at lower rpms as the spindle is smaller for more fan blade surface area. With the case open, system at idle, fans controlled by the mobo, loudness from top to bottom: Antec Super Cyclone on low, Spot Cool (higher pitched), closely followed by the 8800 GTX, Raptor, CPU cooler (1000rpm), PSU fan, the two case fans (900rpm), Seagate.

The spot cool has been a good trade off as it is quieter than running the case fans at higher speeds, but has targeted airflow on the memory and chipset eliminating hotspots under the GTX and allowing the slower air movement from the case fans to bat clean-up.
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