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Default Re: GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by zer0
im a veteran pc tactical shooter.

rainbow six 1 was the original best tactical shooter along with ghost recon 1.
you can't call a game a tactical shooter if it uses a console controller. PERIOD.

GRAW2 PC (current best tactical shooter on the planet)
GRAW1 PC (breakthrough in graphics for tactical shooters, next level in physics & sound)
ARMED ASSAULT (updated version of flashpoint graphics wise)
FLASHPOINT (ahead of its time... a true combat sim, huge playing field, planes, tanks, bicycles... etc.)
GHOST RECON 1 (gave us open areas and big maps, prone position introduced)
RAINBOW 6 III (new engine same good old features)
RAINBOW 6 II (gave us new features like the peeking left and right, became my personal benchmark for tactical shooters)
RAINBOW 6 (the birth of tactical shooters)


honorable mention: STALKER its more of an rpg but the tactical realism is unmatched, physics trajectory on bullets... wow, its environment unmatched also, day and night cycles, weather ...etc)


R6 VEGAS PC (3rd person view?)
CS (jumping while sniping?)
CSS (source engine good, cs bad)


...i can't wait for FLASHPOINT 2!!!!!!
R6 vegas is not 3rd person... how about you actually go play the game before bashing it?
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