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Default 2D acceleration: Let's put it to rest.

I 've installed the latest 4363 driver on a RedHat9 system based on an AMDK6-2 450 with a GeForce 3 Ti 200. I've run a few small 3D related programs and they now appear to use acceleration. However, 2D acceleration still seems non-existant (in fact it seems slower than the stock "nv" software driver that ships with Xfree86).

I know there may have been mentions of this in a few other threads but I haven't really found an answer. Is there 2D acceleration in the Linux driver? Put another way. is it possible to have 2D acceleration in X? Just to confirm, I mean 2D acceleration in terms of the window manager (fast scrolling text in terminals, moving windows around on the screen becomes more responsive and takes up less CPU). *Think of the difference in Microsoft windows when going from the standard VGA driver to the current Detonator.

I've already tried turning on...
Option "RenderAccel" "yes"
but it makes no difference by the way.

Thanks for any answers people can provide.

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