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Default Re: forcedeth is dead in large data transport

I'm having a similar problem with forcedeth.c 0.60 which came with the latest fc6 kernel. Same problem with 0.59, it seems under load that the eth link just goes down and wont come back; ifconfig shows the link up but nothing works. I checked my switch, when this happens the RX errors on the switch start counting like crazy; looks like something real bad happened.

ifdown eth0;ifup eth0 - link still corrupted, no recovery

I found the only way to recover was to unload and reload the driver. Temporarily I've put this in a script with a ping check on the interface;

rmmod forcedeth ; modprobe forcedeth

Not a desirable solution, but I'm having no luck compiling the NVIDIA 0.62 source under FC6. I get warnings and errors; but that will be another thread...

I've ordered a different motherboard with non-nvidia hardware as a backup, in case I cant get this working. Currently, I have several Asus M2N-MX.
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