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Default Re: nHancer version 2.1.1

Originally Posted by Blacklash
I love this app and found a definite use for it.

When I installed driver 163.11 HDR+AA became broken in "Oblivion" for some reason. When I looked under the "Oblivion" profile, Compatibility: Anti aliasing compatibility it was set to "Rainbow 6 Vegas". Overriding this to "Oblivion (AA&HDR)" fixed the problem I was experiencing.

I have no idea why the "Oblivion" profile got set to "Rainbow 6 Vegas". All I did was remove my old driver in safe mode then install 163.11.

I've had no problem using 8x coverage AA, Transparency supersampling AA and 16x AF with this app. I posted some edge quality shots from "Oblivion" below:

because thats the correct setting

oblivion uses vegas number now 45. nHancer just wasn't updated so long that has old out of date settings.

Oblivion changed the number about 2 months ago
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