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Default Flicker When Opening/Closing OpenGL Applications

Hello. I have recently switched from a 7600GT to a 7900GTX card. The problem that I am having is that when I open an OpenGL application I can see the monitor 'flicker' as in it flashes black for an instant. The same occurs around 20 seconds after closing the OpenGL application. In games the flicker can also happen in regions of no activity (such as the loading bar in CS:S under wine).

More interesting is this: I have two identical monitors (ViewSonic VX2025WM) connected by DVI. Yet I only see the flicker on the first screen. I am running the 1.0-9755 drivers (due to the newer ones having trouble with my monitor).

It has been suggested that this is because the driver changes the clock-speeds of the card on the fly when one switches from 2D => 3D mode. My question is how can I disable this feature (the card is whisper quite as it is).

Regards, Freddie.
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