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Default Re: Advice needed on first HDTV purchase

It highly depends on what you are looking for. How big is the room, how far away are you planning on sitting, whether this is going to be for an HTPC setup, what the color "tone" of the room is, what the overall lighting of the room is, among other things. That helps you determine what size and resolution you need. The technology can vary based on that as you'll need to take things like viewing angles into consideration.

The thing I don't like about DLP is the viewing angles tend to be worse than any flat screen tech, so they don't make a good HTPC display IMO, and the picture isn't quite as sharp as plasma or LCD (which you may or may not notice depending on how far away you sit. Plasma gets overall better color than LCD but produces lots of heat, consumes lots of electricity, the picture dims over time as the phosphors age, and is susceptable to burn-in whereas there is virtually no burn-in with LCD.

FWIW I tend to use LCD as a benchmark for comparing other techs with as most people already know what having an LCD monitor is like, and having an LCD TV isn't much different except you'll probably get better contrast and less color bleeding out of a LCD TV than an LCD monitor as the typical LCD TV has a much higher contrast ratio than the average monitor, and typically has better designed back lighting.

As for CRT...well, who uses CRT anymore? Geometry and overscan issues are the biggest problem there, forget about HTPC with CRT. Other than that, they tend to have better contrast for the first few years of their life than most display technologies.
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