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Default Re: Post your favorite programming books here

Originally Posted by bugmeplz
Required reading for anyone interested in being a computer scientist, not just a programmer :

This txt is used at MIT for their freshman CS course. The language used is Lisp.
Well, it's Scheme, which is a Lisp, but it isn't used for the same thing as Common Lisp. Scheme == minimal, very slow, extremely elegant. Common Lisp == lots of junk, can be very elegant, full compile-time computing and can be native machine speed.

I don't generally like Scheme being referred to as "Lisp", because it leads people to believe that Lisp is a language with generally slow implementations. Common Lisp doesn't have a single interpreter in common use left, and only one bytecode machine. The rest are native compilers and one via-C compiler.

The book above is great but can be a little mind-bending for machine hogs like me

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