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Default Re: 7-current. is it possible to compile?

I honestly don't know if it's a recent regression. The last time I used FreeBSD was 6.1 on an older system and the Nvidia driver at the time worked perfectly. I'm relatively new to FreeBSD (mostly a Linux user) and the only reason I installed FreeBSD from a snapshot is because the 6.2 kernel doesn't have new enough drivers for my hardware.

I didn't see the actual panic, the machine froze for several seconds and then spontaneously rebooted. After the reboot I got the message about the spinlocks (when it was saving the core) I've got a core dump, but I don't think it will be useful because I haven't got debugging options enabled and I haven't a clue how to debug a kernel in FreeBSD.

I'm about to try this again and I'll try to get better info.
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