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Default Re: 7-current. is it possible to compile?

Well, sonofagun it's working now. Only changes I made was adding hint.agp.0.disabled="1" to device.hints (I don't think that made any difference... kldstat -v still shows the hostb/ entries for the various agp chipsets, and I don't have an agp bus on this PCI-E system). AGP support is built in my kernel though.

Another thing I did was add /usr/local/lib/compat to my file (compat5x built from ports so it's in /usr/local) but I'm not sure that had anything to do with it either as usually when you add something through ports, the system adds the path for the dynamic linker.

I'm going to try Sauerbraten now, if it will compile with gcc 4.2.0. If I can play that without panics I'll be happy.

I'll be back.
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