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Default Re: More Warcrack - Wrath Of the Lich King expansion announced

Originally Posted by lIqUID
Another lame ass grind, no thanks. They still haven't balanced classes at all, and now they are throwing another into the mix. Not to mention the fact of all the raid content they are adding when less than 3% of the population have seen BT.

By the time this comes out most of the good PVPers will be playing Warhammer Online anyways

remove arenas, fix world PVP and give people a reason to want to kill the other faction, then I'll care. If I want to arena I'll play Guildwars, and if I cared about PVE I would be playing Everquest or something.

WoW = Waiting on Warhammer.
Did you not see the siege play they added to the game?

MMOs are about grinding, get used to it or don't play them

WRT to balancing out the classes, it isn't going to happen. Here are the broken classes in order of brokeness


All of the above classes are GODS in PVP. They are so damn powerful that you need a number of other classes bring them down. If you are a warrior, priest shammie or rogue you are SOL. A warrior is only as good as the healer he has other wise he is a easy kill. Rogues can take down another class but not the classes I listed. If a rogue is in the open he is dead on sight.

Now let me focus in on druids for a second. This class absolutely pisses me off. Not only are they hard to kill one on one but they can tank better than warriors and then heal them selves. They have more HP and armor than warriors which is just out right maddening. If you want to tank be a druid and the warrior can just fall off of Azeroth because they are useless.

Pallies, for get about it. I have see 10 people try to kill a pally for over 4 minutes in AV. He had epic gear but so did many of the pvpers who were trying to kill him and you give the pally a couple of mods and BAM! you have a class in god mode.

Mages are just pure BS. They have slow, icelance which was toned down a bit but it still is wicked and they hit for a ton.

Hunters with their new mend pet improvement are nearly unstoppable. This talent they gave them broke them.

What they need to do is get rid of the long quest for Ony and Nax so people will go in there on their way up to outlands. They also need to cut down Ony, Nax, BWL and MC to 20 man raids so people will go in there on their way to Outlands.

My rant is over and with all that said, the new expansion looks fun. I play WoW on a new server on a new account. We hang out and do questing in our new guild to have fun. If you keep WoW on that level it is really fun. If you want to take it serious as some do, you will be frustrated because class balancing will not happen.
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