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Default Re: More Warcrack - Wrath Of the Lich King expansion announced

Originally Posted by nVidi0t
What UDawg said about pvp it totally true. (this coming from a warrior/rogue)
I do consider a class being over powered to be a broken class. It isn't fair to that class and all the other classes.

I will say this, I have a shadow priest on Baelgun name Blarf in the 40s bracket. He can do amazing things with his power. I can take on 4 or 5 and keep them busy till the flag carrier is safe. I will die but I will take down two with me and the others will be damaged very badly from my dots. They better not get in a fight right after me or they will die quickly.

Here is one example. I destroyed a pally that was a 49 and I am a 48. He never had a chance. I dot him up, vamperic embrace and fear him. While he is feared I spam mana burn. By the time he gets back he has half health and 3/4 his mana left. With my healing and another fear he is toast.

I also got jumped by a 46 priest. I was giving BG directions while on the horde's ramp. He dotted me up, popped me twice with smite and mind blast. I had 3/4 my health left. Then he feared me. Once I was done feared I had 200 HP left but that priest didn't know how to conserve mana. He was laughing at me and spitting at me when he thought he had a easy kill of a priest two levels above him. LOL Here is where it went wrong for him. I feared him, dotted him up and vanperic embraced him to get HP back. I healed my self to full health threw on gift of the naruu and symbol of hope to get more mana back. Then I went into shadow form and he shat a brick. He tried to run but I blasted him two times with mind blast and mind flayed him one time and he was dead. That made me really happy.

Ok one more story. I got on the boat in BB to go to Tanaris. A lvl 40 pally challenges me to a duel on the boat. First off I hate people who spam dueling challenges, it pisses me off. Secondly NEVER challenge a shadow priest on a boat. I wait till he hammer of GAYNESS stuns me, then I mind controled him and threw his arss off the boat. We were just before the screen load so he was way out in the water. LOL! He was swearing at me for 5 minutes or so it seemed. LOL I told him I hated pallies and he should never duel priests on boats.
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