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Default Re: More Warcrack - Wrath Of the Lich King expansion announced

Originally Posted by nVidi0t
Hahahaha great! I have a priest alt and I used to MC people into the lava before BWL

The only class I can't stand in any way shape or form is Paladin. With my main (warrior) who is pretty darn well geared (months of Kara and SSC) I cant handle an epic paladin who happens to know how to play. It's the most frustrating thing I have experienced in the game. Their health pool, huge damage reduction through armor, resilience rating, bubble, heals and crazy burst dps are just absurd. It's even worse with my rogue where it's hard to even put a dent in their health bar.

Druids are a pain in the ass too. As soon as they shift to bear form and happen to have a healer nearby its just game over. At least I can demolish oomkin. Dueling a mage iis akin to a sherry enema. No thanks.
LOL! Warriors should not duel. My main for two years was a Tier 2 warrior. I dumped him and went to the horde side to PVP.

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
I liked my hunter....
Hunters are fun. I am going to make a 49 twink hunter. A guildie and I will be trolling the middle with our huntArds racking up HK and assisting the FC to the tunnel.

Originally Posted by lIqUID
that same siege play will be in Warhammer Online, so I wont be missing anything but some lame rep grind for subpar equipment, or better yet mote farming yay!
I hear that bro. I can't wait for Warhammer to come out.
Mote farming is teh lose.

you obviously like WoW and thats awesome, but I've been in it since beta 3 and I just want to play something not centered around raiders or faction grinding.
I agree. I've been in it since December of year 1. I want Warhammer big time. I will drop WoW in a heart beat if Warhammer meets my expectations.

No you misunderstood me. WoW drives me nuts but it is the only MMO out there, so I play it till a better one comes along. I almost cried when Conan was pushed back.

the approach Mythic is taking with Warhammer will at least make the game feel like less of a grind with the pvp related quests, and public questing systems.
I hope so. The one problem I do have with warhammer is the player movement. It looks way too stiff. For some reason it bugs me but if the game play is up to par, who cares.
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