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Talking Panasonic 1080P, TH-50PZ700U coming soon!!

Finally I have been able to convince my parents to upgrade to a HDTV... (I figure 50" is big enough... originally was gonna go w/ 42", but the price difference is like ~$200 so for sure go with the 50", they have a 58" on the rebate, but its a pretty big price jump from 50" to 58")
(and now I have a reason to go with a XBOX360 or PS3)

Through Best Buy Panasonic is currently offering some amazing rebates. You buy a specific tv at employee price (they have a list of models, and different rebates depending on the tv), then you have a mail in rebate on top of employee. I've been looking into these TV's and I have heard a lot of great stuff about them... and for the price they are no question

The really popular deal a lot of employees were buying was the 42" 1080P Model: TH-42PZ700U. Employee price: $1673.15 + tax, then it has a $750 mail in rebate through Panasonic.

Recently though employee price went up like ~ $140 on it... (probably cause many employees were purchasing them.)

Also the employee price on the 50" came down about ~ $200
So for the 50" 1080P Model: TH-50PZ700U Employee price: $1935.41 + tax...
but this one has a $1,000 rebate

So I'm looking at:

+ Tax (.0725 down in this part of CA), so $140.32
+ 10.00 CA Recylcling Fee
Total: $2085.73
- (Rebate) $1000

So I'm looking at $1085.73 once the rebate is done

Also I am for sure getting the Service Plan since its normally $400 for this TV, but since employee price drops it down into the 1500-2000 bracket the 4 yr service plan is $299.99.

And employee price on that is $239.99 for 4 year coverage (can't pass that up since I plan on gaming on it and actually getting use out of this TV).

So it should be finally:

Total: $2325.72 w/ 4yr Service Plan

and once I get the rebate: $1325.72 w/ 4yr Service Plan

I got a nice tilting wall mount normally $200, employee $50

we had another for $179.99, employee $35, but I rather pay $20 for the more sturdier one (also this one can handle larger TV's).

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