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Default Re: Just went 8800GTX! Pics & Lots of Benchmarks

Originally Posted by Eliminator
well theres so many reviews but none of them seem consistent and in depth... its always the same games too... so the only way to truly see how it performs was for me to thoroughly test it in a variety games and settings

Thats why I actually bought a 2900XT to test out, everyone elses reviews just aren't telling me what I want to see. Especially when it's the same apps over and over and at astronomical resolutions. I wanted to see 1280x1024 with 4xAA/16AF and AAA or trans aa (nv) - the 2900XT is really weak at this resolution, but the GTS excels!

So far the GTS I have (648/1000) is really smacking it down. The 2900XT gains so little when overclocked, the GTS gains so much. AA performance is abysmal, hopefully they can correct that in a newer set of drivers, they've made progress but from my real world benchmarks they still need alot of work.
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