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Default Re: Just went 8800GTX! Pics & Lots of Benchmarks

Originally Posted by Ambrose
Hey thanks eliminator for the in depth review.

a couple questions...

What resolution were you running oblivion at? I run at 1680 x 1050 @ ultra settings w/ 8x aa and NO aa and get on average between 40 - 50 fps out doors. The game looks prettier with 4x aa (obviously) but it drops my fps down to 30 in a lot of out door vistas.

Also, I'm wondering how long you played Oblivion with your card OC'd to 630 core clock speed. I tried doing the same on the settings mentioned above and it played for about 30 minutes before crashing to desktop. I'd challenge you to put that OC to the test by applying similar settings and running the game for a good duration

also, my card idles at 58ish @ 600 MHz, so I really want to OC it some more but for some reason it seems to crash in Oblivion after a period of time if its any higher than that. the memory frequency is at 1000. I'm using 166.22 WHQL. I guess this isn't much of a question lol so much as a wishful remark.

anyway glad you like your card. I upgraded from a 6800 ultra so I really can't wait to get my hands on a game that will put my card to the test.


Looks like you are running Vista. Make sure to install the new patches for performance and reliability. I had so many games crashing due to the memory management in Vista and the new patches have corrected this. Anandtech has a great article on how Vista is now controlling it's memory usage. Before games (in a system with 2GB ram) Vista would try to exceed 2GB and CTD. They've controlled that problem now.

Here is a link to the article..
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