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Default Re: More Warcrack - Wrath Of the Lich King expansion announced

Originally Posted by nVidi0t
Hahahaha great! I have a priest alt and I used to MC people into the lava before BWL .
A priest we knew used to MC people into inns, and MC the opposite faction into killing civies, before the ranks disappeared. When our raid group would have some deaths, he'd be like "I don't care I caused them to kill 3 civilians this raid, 30% lost honor " This was before Blizzard removed ranks from the PvP system.

One time when when a few of us got sick of facing tier 3 equiped people in BGs, when we lived on a newer realm, he responded by just mind controlling people off the bridge of Thunder Bluff, until he got the angst to the BG situation out of his system. I think the one druid was thrown off the bridge/cliff about 14 times, and a warrior about 12.

I do have to disagree a bit with complaints about hunters though. There's one area they're kinda bad at, and that's taking hits in melee. I have a lvl 70 night elf hunter, and a lvl 68 orc hunter. Yes, people who get wrapped up with the pet, or try to run away from us are nice to deal with. The "nasty ones" are those who don't cooperate with that, and try to force us in melee combat. Hunters can take hits better then rogues (I have a lvl 55 rogue now), but when I'm facing another player, the player that's "in my face" that I can't shake and ahve to melee... There's times I know it's done, so tbh, prefer being in a raid group, rather then the lone wolf so there might be someone to grab them, force them out of melee range from me Life for a hunter, unless one's a melee spec (and I'm not), consists of trying to avoid melee at all costs

As to the grinding, that can be minimized. After I got my Winterspring frostsaber mount on my main, I didn't want to go right back to grinding again. Leveling my rogue, I did quests, starting in the n00b zones of more then 1 race. The result is that at lvl 55, he's now 999/1,000 exalted with Darnasus, and about 18,500 or so revered with SW. This was done without any repeatable runecloth donations or morrowgrain with darn, and only a couple with SW and some other factions. It's because I hit so many quests, from so many races along the way, I probably did almost all of them

And yes, on the rogue, it is necessary to not just jump in the middle of things; but then that's kinda also the point of the class. It's like all offence (the high dps), with little armor/health compared to some. There are some things I can do on the rogue though, that I can't do on other classes. Like one elite quest, I just stealthed in, saped the elite 2 levels higher then me, looted the quest item off ground, and stealthed my way out. Same went for having stealthed my way from Shattrath, where I set the hearth after paying a mage for a portal, all the way to hellfire peninsula, getting the connecting fp in Zangermarsh, and the other 2 in Hellfire Peninsula. Luckily Mr. Fel Reaver didn't get close and personal (as I'm not sure stealth would have worked with it). I only had to vanish once, going past the ravagers in thorn hill. Without a class that could not have stealthed, I don't think I would have made it. Incidently, I now have something like 320 first aid (not getting the manual from AH, but from NPC), and about 310 LW, with the outland recipees, and 360 skinning, all in preperation for when he goes through the dark portal for real.

Oh, and as I have about 269 lockpicking at lvl 55 (had been leveling it off the gate to searing gorge since in the 40s), I can pretty much avoid having to get the keys too The key to scholo, is one key I definitely will not have to pay for, on yet another char

Anyhow, I'll provide the char link'thul&n=Picolo

as those reps for instance, only go to show just how whacky things can be now, if one heavy quests, without doing cloth donation. The horde don't have it the same way though, as reps are closer to what they were pre-BC
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