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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by lIqUID
raiding is meh, been there done that : /

I do PVP only on my rogue, Armory here

nailed this warrior for about 5500(double MUT crit with max envenom crit) in EoTS awhile back. Got an SS of a 4k+ ambush crit in WSG from a couple months ago(different spec). i did have beserker buff but man it was nice heh.
NO WAY YOU KILLED A WARRIOR!? Screen shot or it didn't happen.

I'm just kidding.

Originally Posted by Phyre
Good stuff there, Vulcan. I wish we could have the drops you guys have. We're constantly getting caster stuff. Karathress has yet to drop the chestpiece, Tidewalker won't drop the sword, and Leo abstains from dropping the Tsunami Talisman.

I'll probably be switching to swords soon since they're better dps these days. That's going to be hard to do since I've always been daggers at heart.

Here's an updated armory as well. DPS has improved from the last posting of course.

Originally Posted by jolle
how is swords better?
Using a combat dagger build now for Karazhan.
Doing nice damage during raid, swords isnt a option atm sicne I dont have any good ones hehe.
But please do explain why they are better, and by how much.
For raiding, swords are better because you don't have DPS spikes and draw less aggro. You put out high but even damage. Rogues like mages are so impressed with their DPS that they don't hold back.

Go daggers to get Cold Blood and Prep. That is the traditional rogue PVP spec.
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