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Those unresolved symbol errors (at least the vgaHW* ones) would be fixed by loading up the "vgahw" module. Though the nvidia driver should do this on its own -- anyway, add Load "vgahw" to your Modules section. Or, try getting rid of fbdevhw, and/or record (neither of these should be needed -- heck, I don't know what record even does).

You'll also need the "fb" module (assuming you do end up needing to add vgahw), for the fb* symbols. But I'd seriously try getting rid of fbdevhw first, at least.

It's still complaining about "no matching config section", though... is that a typo on the BusID line? Shouldn't it be "0:9:0" instead of "0:9:0:?

Are you sure the BusIDs are right, too?
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