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Default Re: GRAW 2 (PC) - Feedback Thread

Thanks for the info. I installed the patch and expected some new Start Menu shortcuts or text files of some sort but saw none.

Gonna have to play with this and see if I'm able enough to add about 2x the amount of enemies and make them spawn at random times while inching forward to make one REALLY have to be tactical and cover themselves well.

Current GRAW2 is too easy IMO.

Originally Posted by ynnek
i haven't done it,but copy and pasting from our bda board...

Just double click on the map editor icon.

The map editor is a batch file, not an executive.
If you go to \YOUR GRAW2 FOLDER\public_tools\tutorials you'll find a tutorial file called "GRAW2_Editor.pdf" which will tell you everything you need to know.
Making maps in GRAW2 is a lot more advanced than it was in GRAW1. In the GRAW1 editor you just placed everything where you wanted it, told the editor to render and "hey, presto!" you had a map, including the minimap.
Now you place everything, tell the editor to render the lightmaps and silhouettes, place markers for the map boundaries, tell it to render the minimap, place a marker for the cubemap*, tell it to render the cubemap, leave the editor and place the cubemap pictures in the right order in a single file instead of 6 different ones, then you have to bundle the whole thing yourself outside of the editor. Sure, it gives us more freedom, but it will also be a turn-off for the guys who aren't very technical, but still have good ideas.

Did I mention that you're stuck with the terrain from the SP missions, if you don't know how to use 3DSMax? We don't have any roads or dirt like there were in the GRAW1 editor either. Well, I haven't found them yet, that's for sure.

*The Cubemap is a series of 6 images taken from a central point on the map to create reflections on objects like windows and gun-scopes.

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