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Default Re: Erratic temparature reading on 6800GT

Sorry to reply to my own thread

I am also experiencing poor performance with this card. I previously had a XFX 512MB 6200 running in the PC which performed better!

With the previous graphics card, I could spin the globe in Google Earth with no stutters, it was very smooth. With the 6800GT, it stutters every second or so.

I have made sure my AGP aperture is 256MB (in the BIOS) and my system is beefy.. so i can't understand why the graphics runs slower! Can anybody suggest any other settings I can change to get the card running properly?

Cheers - Toff

Spec: ABIT IC7-MAX3 | P4E 3.2 running @ 3.7 | 2GB OCZ | CPU NB GPU watercooled + 4 120mm case fans | 500W PSU
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