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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by anxdiety

From our most recent raid on Tuesday.

Also swords are more dps mathematically than daggers. Not even taking positioning into consideration. Not to mention the difference in scaling once you start looking at haste gear later on.

Rogue pvp is meh at the moment. In high end 5v5 in arena's we definitely need some help. 30/0/31 daggers is now really bad for high end PvP. You would actually want to consider combat maces for the stun effect. The reason behind that is daggers rely on soo much crit and with resilience its horrible. Most good PvP'ers actually have upwards of 400+ resilience now. That's a huge reduction. I only pvp now just to get welfare points and pick up cheap weapons while I wait for them to drop in raids.
I wanted to do the same with the weapons and arena as well. But, with work and raiding, I'm generally too busy to worry about arena. I so miss PvP though. I love it.

Also, we've moved into Hyjal and BT recently, and the weapons that are dropping are in-line with the season 2 stuff. I'm pretty much not worrying about the arena weapons because of that.

Swords became better DPS when they changed the Windfury proc. to a true extra attack. By that I mean it doesn't reset the swing timer anymore. It was a simple change, but it made all the difference. BTW, I still haven't moved to swords yet. HAHAHA!

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