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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by Tr1cK
I ran Mana Tombs on my druid lastnight. I tanked the whole thing with 2 rogues and a hunter as dps. I topped the meters and noticed I got a lot of killing blows. I guess they were competing too hard for eviscerates.
I HATE DROODS with a passion! Blizzard broke druids when they made them the tank and self healers.

No offense but the fact that you were top on the DPS meter only proves the point that druids are one messed up class. It takes NO skill to play them.

I stopped being a tank when a dumb arss druid with no skill can have more HP than me, more armor, more DPS and better aggro management.

I'm not slamming you Tr1ck. I'm sure you are a skilled player. I am pissed at Blizzard for further unbalancing of the classes. They made warriors useless and a waste of time to play. Warriors are only as good as their healer. Druids are only as good as their macros.

Oh and don't get me started in on Pallies and Mages.

Just balance the classes out Blizzard, instead of forcing every one to play just a couple of classes.
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