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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

I just found this on the WoW forums. This guy is a friking idiot.
EDIT: Just noticed -

Warriors are the best tanks in the game. This class was designed the same way you see most warriors in other games designed. Focused on heavy armor and protection skills while still providing dps as an alternate means of speccing if desired. Rage was an issue for a while especially with the buff to druids, so warriors were given more rage to offset this. Warriors should be the best at tanking while being comparable to rogues in dps as long as they spec into it.

Let Blizz's hardon for warriors continue...
What a complete moron. He is complaining about warriors. They are the most pathetic class in the game. If they don't have a healer they are brought down with ease. Secondly it is the Druid that Blizzard has gone nuts over and his candy arss has the balls to complain. Druids are gods in WoW right now.

I can't believe druids are complaining in that thread. They can do it all. Shoot I saw a druid walk up to Ragnoros and demand his loot. Rag gave it over and ran away with his tail between his legs.

Seriously druids need to shut their mouths. They have it easy.
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