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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by Phyre

Being a dagger rogue, it's all the more noticed. Having to shift positions 4-6 times on one trash mob because some mage, warlock, or shadow priest pulls aggro is so frustrating. It's really frustrating when you're chasing the mob back to the culprit and they are in the middle of casting another stupid high threat spell as the mob is about to give them a trip to the spirit healer. >.<

Mages and shadow priests are the worst tho. Locks rarely pull aggro. When mages and shadows pull aggro I just stand there and wait for the mob to come back.

When I was tank I would not go back and pull the mob off of that caster. As soon as that caster dies, the mob will come back to me. That caster bitches and moans that I didn't do my job. My reply was, no I was doing my job. You weren't doing yours very well. My job is to tank, not watch you show how much DPS you can pump into a mob and get your self killed. I am not here to keep YOU alive. We are all here to reach the goal of getting the mad lootz as a group. To do that we all need to do our jobs.

Eventually the casters understand my point or they get tired of dying so they don't pull aggro any more. When they do it is a accident or freak crit and they run to me so I can taunt it back off. If it is a accident then yes I will run to them and pull it off but those who just want to top the DPS meter, I let die. They can't be at the top of the meter if they can't cast.
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