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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by nVJoe
This is true and that is the problem I have with Blizzard. They ignore a class like druids for a long time. Later they make them uber and totally throw the class balance out of wack. It isn't druids I hate. It is Blizzard's inability to tune the characters evenly.

BTW, after Shaman were nerfed, they became useless. They are now the new hunters, no one wants them in their group. LOL! I don't feel too bad because shammies used to be the gods of WoW for a long time. LOL! I would take a pally over a Shammie in a group in a milisecond. Pallies are just awesome for group. Their one draw back is the people who play pallies are FRIKING STUPID!
I agree.

Pallies are great healers and cleaners and can be great as Prot too. Shaman need help badly. The only hunters worth anything anymore are BM. Druids can tank and heal well, but the cat dps is lacking on high end raids. The saddest class is warriors, no doubt. Out tanked and out dpsed by everyone else.
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