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Cool Thermalright ultra 120 eXtreme modding ... DONE!

Ok so i finally finished my little modding job, i first bought x2 AKASA 120mm Amber series 3pin Ultra quiet case fan's(1400 R.P.M. & 44.8 CFM), i took my side pannel and removed the 80mm fan, i used a hacksaw to make the 80mm side pannel whole into a 120mm whole and added the 120mm fan, i also used silicone around the edges of the 120mm fan to make it air tight(see pic 1) ... i then took the second 120mm AKASA fan and used x2 rubber bands to secure the 120mm fan to the other side of the 120 ultra eXtreme, i have the fan closest to the memory sucking into the heatsink and the other fan closest to the rear of the case sucking out to the back of the case straight onto the exhaust fan(see pic 2 & 3) ... i used arctic silver 5 on my CPU ... my voltage is at 1.5v and my idle temps are 41c idle and 52c load @ 3.4GHz! .....

Should get me over untill i get my new antec 900.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3
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