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Default Re: Geforece Go 7600 fan problem


Thank you so much for your swift reply!

First of all, let me tell you my specs. I have a P105-S9312 running on Windows XP SP2. I installed the BIOS version from Toshiba's site (3.30) but it wasn't working too well, so I reversed back to 2.40.

So where can I get this pre-fixed DSDT (I have no idea what that is) and how do I put it into the kernel (also don't what that is)? I quoted johnnyrae because he has the same comp as me so maybe he can give me detailed instructions on how to get the fan working properly. I did notice that this thread is for Linux?

About the spray can, I think I will take the laptop to a Comp USA and let them clean it for 20$. I would do it but buying all the equipment is more expensive...

Anyways, I hope you can help me! Thanks again.

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