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Default Need help overclocking e4400.

Hi, I just bought a new computer with the following components:

CPU INTEL|C2D E4400 2.0G 775 2M R
MEM 1Gx2|G.SK F2-6400 DDR2800
EVGA 8600GTS 256MB
THERMALTAKE 430W Power Supply
GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 P965 775 F10 BIOS ( I have tried F12 and F11)

I have tried many times to overclock the CPU and every time I am able to achieve the clock, however the computer runs 2-3x slower than it did without the overclock. The only thing I am changing is the CPU frequency and the RAM multiplyer and disabling the CPU limiting functions in the BIOS.

Does anybody have any ideas about what I am doing wrong or what I need to do or anyone with a similar setup care to share their BIOS settings? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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