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It's okay, Futuremark, we all know what really happened. We all know that use of static clip planes is a cheat, and cannot possibly be beneficial under any condition other than a score in a benchmark. We all know that replacing shader code in an application-specific way is also a cheat. We all know that ALL application-specific optimizations for benchmarks that are based on detection are cheats, and not optimizations. Some of us are willing, even, to admit it to ourselves and others. Some are not.

Nvidia: 1
Consumer: 0

Hey Nvidia! How's it feel to exhibit the morals of the average three-year-old? Were you woosing in dat benchmark... awwwww...they're a buncha' bing dum-heads at Futuremark anyways with thier big dum-dum benchmark...I know, we'll just play like we're making the benchmark, and everyone'll believe it, but we'll just be wrecking it instead!!(/three-year-old girl)

Originally posted by some news poster on the front page
(some bs about eating crow)
No, thanks. I didn't definine the difference between right and wrong based on what nvidia told me before, and I'm not about to start believing that use of static clip planes and other nonsense is okay because they say so...not now, not ever. Nvidia is showing every one their @##...without an apology to the communities that support them on the web for this BS, Nvidia will never occupy my machine nor my household again.

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