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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

I personally like Warriors. I have no idea why people like to complain about them so much. With the same gear they are going to have far more HP's than any other class, and those HP's are going to be more protected (valuable) than any other class - which snowballs into making heals more effective on warriors. A warrior in defensive stance with 3 points in Defiance generates 145% threat (base). Any other class (cough - pally) has to make up that extra 45% base threat just to match a warrior. In an instance, I want my tank to be a Warrior period.

And in PVP I've never had so many laughs as watching mages kill themselves by launching a nuke at a warrior when spell reflect is up.

Why is it that everyone seems to think they're the great WoW expert on every class? I mean it's damn annoying....
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