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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by Hambone
I personally like Warriors. I have no idea why people like to complain about them so much.
We aren't complaining that warriors suck. Quite th contrary. Warriors are the most balance class in the game. They are pretty much perfect. The problem is Pallies, Druid, Mages and Hunters are over powered.
With the same gear they are going to have far more HP's than any other class,
This isn't true. A Druid tank can have more HP and armor than a warrior.

And in PVP I've never had so many laughs as watching mages kill themselves by launching a nuke at a warrior when spell reflect is up.
Yeah if you have a trinket but a good warrior cannot kill a good mage with the same level gear.

Why is it that everyone seems to think they're the great WoW expert on every class? I mean it's damn annoying....
LOL! No one said they were experts. It is just our opinion and ones that most share.
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