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Originally posted by digitalwanderer
You kidding? This is like flicking matches at a powderkeg!
Actually we are flicking matches at a powerkeg, that is conneced to a series of powder kegs!!!!

But my take on this situation is.

Futuremark has been getting alot of funds from Nvidia in the past. Now since 3dmark03 is anti nvidia cards (ala not showing them in the lead) nvidia cut them off.

While im sure Futuremark went stright to ATi looking for alot of free money. Maybe when it did not happen, they are getting strapped for cash and then saw nvidia parading outside their door burning money to light their cigars!


I really doubt that Nvidia is sueing futuremark, espcially since futuremark is in finland i think? But i do feel they need money despratly, i almost would bet over 50% of their money came from nvidia.
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