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Exclamation Should my temps be cooler?

I have in total 3 case fans, one 120mm exhaust fan, one 120mm side fan & one 120mm front fan(see case links 1 & 2 for case & fans), i have a thermalright ultra 120 eXtreme and i used arctic silver 5 thermal compound, i have my cpu at 3.4GHz and im running at at 1.5v(see idle & load links for temps)

The load temp is running TAT(intel thermal analysis tool)for around 10-15 mins at 100% workload on both cores, the whole setup is well over 8 hours Orthos stable!

Ive tried re-seating the cpu cooler and that has no effect, ive checked to make sure there are no dry spots on the cpu(the thermal compound is fully covering the cpu)!

I cant help thinking the temps should be cooler... what do you guys reckon? ... anything i could try to lower the temps?




Case 1

Case 2
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