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Default Re: Should my temps be cooler?

Yip, im aware that lower voltage means lower temps, ill try again to be sure, ill start at 1.45v and run Orthos, ill knock it up one on the vcore each time it fails, see what happenes .... i have tried this before, im sure 1.5v is the best i can do to get it stable, im thinking of running at 3.2GHz 24\7 ..... see if that helps knock afew voltages off.

If i run Orthos at 3.4GHz with 1.5v the cpu struggles to hit 55c ... just TAT really puts the temps up, although i know nothing stresses the cpu like TAT!

Maby im just unfortunate enough to get a cpu that needs higher voltages, luck of the draw i think .... i got the short straw lol
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