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Default Re: Should my temps be cooler?

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
40C for idle? That sounds WAY to high honestly. At 3.8ghz (vcore at 1.575) I was idling at 32C, with my CPU at 3.5ghz (vcore 1.475) I am idling at 27C.

He doesn't have G0 stepping like you and his case door is on.

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
Now turning off C1E Support & Speedstep changes things, ive managed to get higher, i have 1.4500v ... at the moment im at 3.4GHz ... im goin to leave it at 1.4500v and see how high i can clock the CPU ... i dont really wanna go past 1.4500v!

Ill keep ya posted! .... w00t, thanks for your help guys!
Do you still have C1E Support & Speedstep disabled?
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