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Hahaha. ya sure.....

This hurts ATi alot, don't be a fool to think it doesn't, as the NOW LEGAL BOGUS scores will be admitted to the list, and they will STEAL ( yes they may as well be STEALING ATi's cash) $ from ATi.. and the general public to boot....

Pretty pathetic, I am looking over at B3d ( News thread) and am heading over to FM shortley to hear the bogus excuses being given....... or yet NOT being given.

I haven't seen BS THIS bad in a long time..... and thats pretty tough to swallow considering whats been going on LATELY!!!

IMO 3DMK03 is now a DEAD source.... but joe blow big bux has NO CLUE about this crap........

I bet ATi is pretty miffed ( ummmm thats as rosy as I can put it) right about now, and RIGHTLY so!!
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