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I can already tell this thread is going to go nowhere fast.
It's going to go nowhere fast because the bolded quote that's on the front page should most definitely be taken in tongue-n-cheek.

I mean, come know..I know...everybody knows what's going on here, so let's not try to BS ourselves here. By insinuating that nobody actually cheated is just like saying, "You're fooling only yourself."

The bottom line here is this...nVidia should never have left FutureMark...It was a bad decision. They did so because they had the worst performing DX9 hardware. All of this crap was nothing but a lose-lose situation for everybody involved. In doing this joint statement with FutureMark, they will probably become invovled with the program once again (win for FutureMark), people won't be disgusted @ nVidia for dropping out in the first place (win nVidia), and people will finally move forward (win for consumers).
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