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Default Re: Jovi, overreacted?

Originally posted by mrtudball
Jovi, overreacted? No, consumer's meaning you and me were upset that a company would intentionaly goober up a benchmark. The only thing this does is render 3dmark, in my mind, useless now (which Nvida wanted), and make me question every nvidia benchmark that I read now.

I am going to purchase a top end video card in the next month, and this is the last straw. ATI just replaced my 4200.
I think it's more politics involved with 3dMark than anything. I agree with (exuse me) [H] when they say "what do companies get in return for shelling out $$$?"
When People bash either camp over a sythenic bechmark, it's bad. See how it plays your games with all the eye candy on, then make your choice. I am a nvidia fan, that today prefers the ati card. Give me a chance to play with a 5900 and see if that judgement stands. Real games is where it matters. I do not spend $500 to see how it runs one benchmark.
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