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I get my card to play games also Jovi, and the point is Nvidia "intentionaly" detected this bench, inserted clip plains in order to score higher in 3dmark. I dont care what their position is on 3dmark, this was done to mislead potential consumers. So, now what am I to think, this was a one time thing, or do they do this with other benchmarks. I dont like to be lied to or misled.

Honestly if they would have fessed up, and admited what they did, and came clean, I would have been upgraded to the 5900, my 4200 has been a gem. We will have to agree to disagree here, how am I to assume if they felt this was ok that if for some reason they feel that the doom III bench does not use calls that it likes to do some creative detection on that bench. Like I said ATI has my next purchase.
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