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Originally posted by NickSpolec
You listed DOZENS?


Doesn't dozen[s] imply more then 1 dozen (which is 12)?

Strange.. I only see a few..

Unless you have some sources to back this up, I don't believe it.

"Probably" doesn't cut it.

No, I didn't. I made a point that hardware specific optmized code paths are not often used, and if they are used, they only include one optimized code path in addition to the general API code path..


Oh really? And how many, and exactly what are the specific GPU code paths that those games use?
I dont think you understand how many games are made from the Quake III engine, some of them are crap, some are great.

Id also like to note that Serious Sam has had some optmizations for Radeon series 8500 and up, it even supports TruForm. add that to the list.

Um Quake has so many pahts for diffrent cards, i cant belive you still quesiton that. Time warp to back in the day to check them all out, Number Nine comes to mind.

You do not see a point,

Your point is "this game will run on any hardware" that is ok, but what id sells is "our product will run REALLY REALLY fast on all video cards" thats way better than saying "i comply to DX9 standards, i can only be ran on Windows"
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