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Originally posted by bkswaney
Well, everyone has a tail. I sit on mine.

I will stand by I think way to much was made out of the whole thing.
If compaines want to add code for Nvidia then so be it.
Same for ATI.

Also where is the real ""proof"" NV used cliping planes?
One site said they did but I find it funny no other site agreed. Such as Hardocp or anandtech.
[H] ?
Ya right.

There was a thread over there where the locals wanted answers to THEIR FLAWED review,. and questions asking what was going on..... needless to say after they said " we are looking into it" and EASILY ( for my DOG) enough time to answer the questions.........

The thread got deleted.
Poof vanished....

I guess they just couldn't stand the strain either....

So please do better than that.

Thank You
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