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Hmm okay a few thoughts.

Okay what nvidia isn't a cheast does that mean now in games we can have all white walls because they look similar atleast considered to nvidia to what the textures/shadres are supposed to look like as well as only going certain regions on a map because the rest is staticly clipped out.

This is utter BS.

However, recent developments in the graphics industry and game development suggest that a different approach for game performance benchmarking might be needed, where manufacturer-specific code path optimization is directly in the code source.
Okay does this mean there will be more then one render??? or does this mean there will be only 1 nvidia render ( and possible a generic one ).

I finally agree with kyle now futuremark is useless.
I come from planet viper days so don't call me noob. I own 2 nvidia cards and one ati card so don't call me biased.
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