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Default Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous

Originally posted by muzz
I am so sick about NV and their BS and strongarm tactics I am EAGERLY awaiting ANY OTHER AMD manufacturer to make a decent chipset........
Well, I for one, am sick to death of fixing my friends' machines so they can play their games without BSODs and random crashing/bugginess with all flavahs, types and brands of Radeons (7000 to the 9700 PRO i have dealt with in the past 5 months).

I could give a rat's petutie less about nVidia cheating, ATi cheating or any of the malarkey that comes along with it (especially the fanboys from both sides who insist that this entire argument means anything at all).

What it comes down to for me is the same thing it has come down to since the Rage 128 vs. GeForce a while back:
The company that makes the card/drivers that are most stable for the games I play and computers I work on are the ones that I will put in my machines.
For now, its nVidia. If ATi can prove to me otherwise, I will consider it in the future.

I guess I just don't have the urge to cavort with the 3 percent of computer users who even contemplate dropping $399 on a video card, especially when that same level of graphical goodness can be had 4 months down the road for half the cost.
I guess I would posit that people itching to slap a brand-new, $399-dollar video card in their machines are really being led around by their noses more than anyone else in the industry, thinking that 20extra FPS or a slightly better AF filter is really worth twice the cash.

IT's really that simple, and it saves me a TON of grief and keeps my blood pressure down.... Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go order a GF4 Ti4800 for about $130 USD and give myself the ability to play every game on the market at fairly high IQ and without a hitch, glitch or hiccough...


PS: the guy that thinks the Nets are going to beat the Spurs is delusional...
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