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Default Re: Can't adjust resolution on 42" plasma, Quadro NVS210 & openSUSE 10.2

Originally Posted by linuxoid

I have an MSI mainboard K9NBPM2-FID with nVidia Quadro NVS210S on-board graphics chip which is connected to a 42" 1024x768 16:9 plasma TV. The only resolution from the card which is reasonably good is 17" 1024x768 16:10. The problem is there is no 42" option, no 16:9 option and everything looks a bit bloated (stretched sideways). I've tried a lot of different settings in SAX, tried a few versions of nVidia drivers incl. the latest and legacy, tried different aspect ratios, even set the exact screen size 922x518 mm. No luck. Resolution from the settings above is the best among the others I tried but it still gives me a pretty low quality when I watch a movie through the card, there's big squares and blurriness as if it was 800x600. And this is through DVI. The HDMI stretches everything beyond the screen no matter what resolution I choose.

How come they say it has a TV out but it doesn't even support a standard TV resolution? Is it possible to adjust the resolution manually in Xorg somehow? What can I do to set it to 16:9? What options in Xorg should I change?

1024x768 is the plasma's physical screen resolution, but it's a 1080i HDTV. Should I use something like 1920x1080 or 1280x720 instead (although I don't have these options anyway)? Can I damage the screen by applying higher or wrong resolutions to it?

Thank you.
How did you connect your TV? TV-out does not (automatically) mean HDTV. Does your MB have component-out (I would guess: no)?

I do remember having great fun with my SM 240T / SM 243T (they're monitors - not TVs) and needing to read the monitor descriptions again and again to tell stupid SAX with what it has to deal.

On the other hand I think I do remember seeing hi-res (1920x1080 or 1920x1200) in the possible setups with a FX-6600GT (but there is also a special cable with component, s-video and a composite adapter that came with the card).
Will check this next weekend at home.
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