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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by jolle
Spell reflect is a skill I think.
Shield and defensive stance required, and it will reflect spells at the caster.. lasts 5 secs. dunno if it will reflect 1 spell, or all spells cast while its active tho.
Defensive stance NOT required.
It costs 25 freaking rage. Do you know how much you get from being kited? ZERO except from the damage you receive. Spell Reflect is PvE only pretty much for tanks to reduce damage from caster mobs.

Don't tell us about playing warriors. I leveled mine to 60 then 70 on a PvP realm doing PvP and Main Tanking. The ONLY time my Warrior felt right is when Mace Stun was procing about 30% of the time back last December. It was quickly nerfed, rightly so, but still, that's the only time I wasn't able to be kited all to hell.

The problem with the game now is Arenas. The developers work around them and force PvE to adjust to whatever they 'adjust' because of Arenas. Warriors are somewhat overpowered in Arenas with craftable maces and axes, but what percentage of the Warrior population is that? Who actually has spent THAT much time to nail 375 Blacksmithing AND raided or bought gold to get the materials AND lives in Arena to get the gear to support it? Not I. I hate Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Mining professions. Warrior is the hardest mode of gameplay in WoW.
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