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Originally Posted by Tr1cK
Asus is so overrated. I guess that's what marketing gets you.
Well when other boards droop so much it affects overclocking, and the Asus boards can get a 10 seconds pencil mod....I don't see that in their PR for a motherboard Doesn't sound like you use Asus anyways though. I have, while not a huge fan, they overclock the best because you can eliminate vdroop.

Anyways, I dropped the p5b-deluxe because the gigabit NIC was not able to operate in gigabit mode most the time. I put a GB switch into my internal network and about 2 out of 5 boots the ****ty Marvel Yukon nic would connect at 1GB mode. Thats why I went with a gigabyte P35, however according to VR-ZONE there is a pencil mod, they lied there isn't a working one. So now I'm stuck with a p35 that maxes at 1.52v loaded with droop...
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