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Neural: Did you really mean to say "how nVidia could hide the clip panes in their drivers?" or how did they put them there? Obviously hiding anything in drivers isn't really an issue. it's not like everyone searches through every file to discover such things. You wouldn't be able to find anything unless you had the source code and you seriously knew what you were looking for anyways.

I don't really know anything of Intel optimizing or whatever. I think it would be obvious though if intel decided to optimize just for a particular synthetic benchmark then that would be completely wrong. Especially if it gave consumers a wrong idea of how a particular CPU performed. Obviously optimizing for an actual program is great. If it runs it runs and if it runs even faster then all the better.

It's different when you are talking graphics though. It's the same if you're talking about a synthetic benchmark, it shouldn't be specifically optimized for to improve it's performance at all. When it comes to games then us consumers deserve to see the game exact as it's developer intended it to be shown. It's not right to be cheated of that right. Cheating in a game benchmark is the worst of them all. Giving us consumers the wrong impression of how a video card will perform in that actual game. I know I sure don't want to be fooled.
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