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Default Re: NVIDIA Xen 3.0 Patch for driver 100.14.11

No, this patch won't be included in future driver releases. Please note that although doing so is unsupported, 100.14.11 can be built against RHEL5's Xen kernels without patches if the IGNORE_XEN_PRESENCE environment variable is set to a non-zero value (you may also need to create an include2 directory in the top-level directory of the kernel development files and place an asm symlink to /usr/src/kernels/2.6.18-8.el5-xen-i686/include/asm-i386 in it). Mileage with other Xen kernels will vary. I do not believe the Xen patches posted for 100.14.11 are correct. I hope to take a look at providing one for Fedora Core 7, etc., at some point in the future.
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