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Originally posted by gordon151
First dibs on this statement! Yay!

Both ExtremeTech and Beyond3D acknowledged the existence of clip planes because they were the only (i.e. NO HardOCP and Anandtech) sites which had access to the developer versions of 3DMark03. Difference is Beyond3D made a quiet mention of it on their forums and notified Nvidia while ExtremeTech notified Nvidia and probably after no reply wrote a huge article about the ordeal. This was backed up by Futuremark and even in this press release they made an explicit statement regards to the type of cheat that Nvidia used, but not directly commenting onwhat Nvidia did.

the problem is that now Futuremark says NVidia was not cheating
only optimizing. so now who are you going to believe
FUturemark or those sites ?

i think the right thing to do is an apology from ET and B3d to Nvidia.

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